Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is an opportunity and special way of celebrating a new life in your family. It may be a birth or an adoption. It might be the joining of step children into the family or a special birthday of an older child.

A child brings his/her own unique personality and adds a new dimension to the family unit. You will always find something new to laugh at or admire so one of the greatest joys of planning your ceremony is expressing the way feel about your family.

We can provide you with a selection of phrases and paragraphs to choose from. Alternatively you may decide to use our suggestions as an inspiration to write your own words for that personal touch.

As part of the Naming Ceremony, I will ask you to confirm your commitment to your child (or children) with promises, readings and declarations of your choice. I will ensure that it’s a truly unique celebration.

You can include friends and family as ‘Guiding Parents’ and grandparents may also have a special place in the ceremony. The presentation of a commemorative certificate will complete the proceedings.

This secular ceremony is designed as an alternative to a religious celebration and therefore has no legal standing. It does however, create a special event at which to gather together family and friends for a dignified but relaxed occasion.